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    -Original illustrations by Mike Shoykhet

    Catherine tells the story of a young girl who moves to Detroit in the 1940s, just as the country is devastated by a chemical attack. Defenseless, hungry, and alone in a world falling apart, she devises a brilliant plan to keep her life on track until the cavalry arrives.

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Pulp-punk band Dalton Deschain & the Traveling Show are back with the second entry in their EP trilogy. Featuring new single "Tin Laurels" and fan-favorite "Approximate Girl," Catherine pushes the band in a more atmospheric and experimental direction.

This album furthers the band's alt-history sci-fi/horror saga by telling the tale of Catherine, a young girl in the 1940s who moves to Detroit to follow her dreams just before the city crumbles into depression and poverty. "Tin Laurels" is a Bowie-inspired post-punk atmospheric groove, layered with intricate drums and bass under a static guitar line. "Approximate Girl" is a rolling thunderstorm of a ballad; soft guitars are intercut with lightning flashes of drums, building to a roaring climax. The songs are bridged by a bizarre, off-putting interstitial that takes the poetry of dadaist Tristan Tzara, and sets it with a choir of digitally harmonized voices. Never boring and always strangely alluring, this EP is unlike anything the band has released thus far.

As with the last EP, Roberta, physical copies of Catherine come with a 60-page chapbook, featuring an original short story by Dalton and illustrations by Mike Shoykhet. Fans of the ongoing Traveling Show narrative will not want to miss this story, which gives us our most illuminating view to date of the expansive universe that's being built by the band.

Digital copies come with a PDF copy of the book.


released July 14, 2017

Dalton Deschain - Vocals, Guitars
Jo Kroger - Vocals
David Warpaint - Bass
Phil Harris - Drums

All music by Dalton Deschain & the Traveling Show
All lyrics by Dalton Deschain, except for Track 2
Text for Track 2 by Tristan Tzara, excerpted from the poem “Approximate Man”

Recorded at Kill Infinity Studios and The Ice Plant

Engineered by Dalton Deschain and Wayne Silver
Produced by Dalton Deschain
Mixed and Mastered by Dalton Deschain at Kill Infinity Studios

Album Artwork by Katie Ann O’Brien
Album Design by David Warpaint

“Catherine” written by Dalton Deschain

Illustrations by Mike Shoykhet


all rights reserved



Dalton Deschain New York, New York

Dalton Deschain & the Traveling Show are a pulp-punk band from NYC that tell stories loudly. Get ready for a weird-ass tale about circus freaks, nuclear war, and demonic possession that you can sing along to. Visit daltondeschain.com for details.

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Track Name: Tin Laurels
When you got to the city
You had 200 dollars
A photo of your father
You thought that that was all you’d need

Once you got settled in your corner
Out your dirty window
Was a four-story monster
Wearing the outline of a crown
Graffito coronation

He was up on every billboard
You heard him on the air
Every meal from tin cans
You listened to your neighbors pray
“He takes all the desperation away”

Don’t give up on this city
I’m no different from you
And I need you
(Has anyone ever been in love like this?
Has anyone, anywhere, ever been in love like this?)

Paper idols in their tin laurels
We will take them as they come
Track Name: Interstitial (Approximate Man)
Text by Tristan Tzara
From his poem, “Approximate Man”

facing others you are another than yourself
judging on the staircase of waves the texture of each look
dissimilar voiceless hallucinations that resemble you
the boutiques of bric-a-brac that resemble you
that you crystallize around your rainy calling—where you find portions of yourself
at each turn of the road you change into another self
in the houses—clenched jaws—where the surly shutters of the heart are closed
the light wipes itself on anemic sheets
in the pampas virile scent of heroism
a heart-rending tune precedes you in asylums
and without satellites the usury of our sins evolves in a narrow universe
Track Name: Approximate Girl
The first time that they met he caught her gazing at the night sky
She said, “If you think I’m beautiful, you’ve never watched a star die”
She had a quote from Tristan Tzara tattooed on her like an anklet
He traced its letters with his fingers ’til she whispered “Boy you’ll break it”

And oh, Miss Harlowe
How’s a dame like you flying solo?

She set to sail one summer leaving love along the shoreline
Seasick solitude that comes with chasing distant satellites
Telegraphs come crackling in her head when it gets late
Repeating over again
“Hey Elizabeth, can’t you see he’s over it?”

She used to kiss him deeply but pull back when he’d hold her
She’d sneak into a party and jitterbug with soldiers
She talked of moving West and happiness would surely meet her there
With her head upon his chest just like his heartbeat wasn’t even there

Oh, Miss Harlowe
Why’s a dame like you lying so low?

Life flows ‘round like water endless sea in all directions
Troubled tufts of stars dissolve when fingers intersect them
She splashes forward desperately
The light she sailed her life to reach
Reflections, nothing more

Catherine Elizabeth, captain of a sinking ship

Hey Elizabeth, can’t you see he’s over it?
Catherine Elizabeth, captain of a sinking ship
Hey Elizabeth I can’t believe you’re needing him
Catherine Elizabeth, you know you’re better than this

Hey Elizabeth, what’d you stop believing in?
Find where your power is and flip it like a rocker switch
Hey Elizabeth just change the tide you’re drowning in
Catherine Elizabeth the last one on a sinking ship

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